Here is some softwares i develop mainly using BASH and PHP languages, web-apps dev and Dot net (during my free time) for CRX Agent version (Ham Radio log sync to the cloud from WSJT program), also NODEJS server side, some framework like Jquery,

Devops Tools 

Ansibet « make my ansible system experience better » 


Cloud Radio CRX

CRX like « Cluster Radio Xml », i’ve start this project by a dxspider version code in PHP (~2007) for server side and a website for the radio association Florida Alfa Tango that i develop one of the first web version (witch was the first website run with CRX-CMS engine).

The « CRX » project idea was to create a « secure » dxcluster-nodes interconnexion protocols for amator radio/ham.
The code is inside the CRX-FRAMEWORK into radioamator php framework libs.

This cloud is dedicated for CB/PMR/SWL and HAM Radio people, currious people with radio activities,
are also welcome on the plateform via SWL callsign (listening callsign).

CRX Radio Cloud start by a Citizens Band version and become also Amator Radio in 2014.

CRX Remote station

A french guide is available here :

CRX-COM : This tools is used to control your TRX from your web-browser ( see )

CRX-REMOTE : This tools, is used for radio station remote control, but all in web-browser.

On CRX Cloud, users can share sound of their radio station with other users,
via this program, i’ve assembly various code with :  Opus codec (port in ASMJS ) + Socket Io (with not using Opus)

I’ve start by testing theses solutions, and i’ve create « ham radio » shared interface (developpement is still in progress on it).

(using in the engine, for codecs part)
(using in the engine for stream js  cli/srv)  (project who dont use opus but nodejs process)
(using in the engine for client capture process on web-browser)


Current version 3, exist since PHP5.
Running on lastest PHP7.

How to install ?

=> Uncompress into the path :   /opt/crx-framework/V3/
=> After that you can now create webapp’s based on it (model MVC with geek add-on ;)).
=> See more example on project website.


Since 2009, this is a « simple » CMS based on CRX-PHP-FRAMEWORK.
Only one currious think CRX CMS URL dont like too mutch search engine (for the moment ;)).

All CRX software are running under licence :  GNU General Public